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Tattoo Remove (extra strong) 10 ml

Tattoo Remove (extra strong) 10 ml

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Especially for removing tattoos. Tattoo Removy is the strongest remover in our range. It contains the same ingredients as Zap Away 'All in One', only in a much higher concentration. It is only for experienced pigmentists. You should absolutely not use it near the eyes. You should also be careful with thin, soft, sensitive, transparent, porcelain skins. These are not that strong and Tattoo Removy can cause a small dimple there. Large surfaces cannot be treated in one go either. For example, on a large tattoo it is best to treat all small islands of 4 mm2. The healthy skin, which lies between the treatment spots, ensures that the skin heals quickly.

Instructions for use: Use a 5-point shader cartridge. Very short point 0.3 mm. First dip in anesthetic cream, start pigmenting with Tattoo Removy and the skin opens gently. Tattoo Removy will break down the encapsulation. When the skin opens completely, the treatment stops. If not, repeat gentle pigmentation with Tattoo Removy. Finally, dry the skin with Cleanex. Aftercare: apply vitamin A + D ointment after 2 hours.

Absolutely do not use near the eyes.

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